Principal Govt. College Nurpur

Teaching and Learning is a journey in itself and I feel blessed to be a part of this never ending learning process. Nothing can inspire me more than the bright and inquisitive eyes of my students. Our college strives to create an environment of active involvement, innate desire to reason and discover, think and apply to real life situation. Activities and the entire system of the college is designed to make a student discover his ownself as well as to develop respect for others and the society as a whole. As a constantly growing institution we combine the best educational practices to transform our students into good citizens of our country and the world at large.

Through this message I welcome all the new entrants in the college campus. At the same time I would like to advise the older ones to welcome their juniors by saying no to ragging as all of you know that ragging is a punishable act.

You should all concentrate on your studies and work hard to achieve your goals instead of indulging in ragging, drug addiction and other anti-social activities.

Remember, every great deal has a small beginning. So keep dreaming big and trying your best, the success will be at your feet.

I urge all the students and staff of the college to work even harder with greater dedication so that our college reaches pinnacle of glory in the years to come.